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These are our friends that can help you look for your dream job in Canada


Live-in-Caregiver Program

Work in Canada

Without the hard work and dedication of Caregivers that come to Canada, it would be very difficult to provide basic care for our children, disabled and elderly population.

At DIS Canada we have dedicated passion and experience for helping Caregivers and their families find work, obtain a Canadian visa and educate them about immigration fraud and if they are facing harassment from their employer and what they can do about it.


LMIA and LMIA-exempt

Whether your career has taken you in the path to become a chef, engineer, doctor or work in construction, DIS Canada has you covered.

Depending on how you arrive or plan on arriving to Canada, and your field, at DIS Canada we properly assess your current situation. In order to work in Canada, we must assess if you need an Employer-Specific work permit (usually requiring an LMIA) or if you can apply for an Open Work Permit (usually LMIA-exempt). Do not let this process overwhelm you, and let us handle the details.

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