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Spousal Sponsorship & Common-Law

Currently, Canadian Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens are allowed to sponsor their spouse, common-law, and conjugal partners if they are over the age of 18. Furthermore, there are additional requirements to be met in order to sponsor your significant other. Spousal sponsorship are time-consuming and thus require exhaustive attention to detail. In almost all cases these sponsorships should be completed with a licensed and knowledgeable expert.

Dependant and 

Adopted Child

The age limit of dependent children (for immigration purposes) has changed from “under 19” to “under 22.”This change applies to all new applications received on or after October 24, 2017, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If your child or dependent is over this age, they may still be eligible to come to Canada. Contact us and find out what your options are.



More often than not, individuals confuse parent/grandparent sponsorship with a SuperVisa. We are happy to help with both, however it is important to know the difference between the two. The SuperVisa is simply a type of a visitor visa for parents and grandparents whereas a parent/grandparent sponsorship implies that the goal is permanent residence and/or Canadian Citizenship.

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