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Canada has welcomed a large influx of refugees in the last two decades

The owner of DIS Canada Ltd. was once a refugee with her family and is grateful for the opportunities Canada has given her and her family. Contact us to learn more!

Fleeing War: From Pieces to Peace

Throughout parts of the world individuals and families are harassed every single day of their lives due to who they are or because of conflict and war in their home countries. 

Canada prides itself on being a liberal country respecting all law-abiding individuals regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, disability. At DIS Canada Ltd. we are happy to provide all our clients with local resources they may utilize to better adapt to their new country. Things such as language classes, recreation, and places of worship with close ties to their ethnic communities. We want all of our clients and their loved ones to feel safe and empowered in Canada.

Humanitarian & Compassionate cases

Individuals are generally required to leave Canada after their visa document is about to expire, unless they are in the process of extending it or applying for a new one. If Canada has required to leave the country but you can not do so due to fear or other unforeseenable circumstances, we are also here to discuss your options.

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